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Following up on one of Your Stories, the Onondaga County DOT is taking action.

Clay neighbors near Caughdenoy Road have expressed their concern about the safety of that stretch of road. Now the county is stepping up, and calling on National Grid to work together. 

When you drive down Caughdenoy Road during the day, you can see the curves and turns quite clear, but at dusk and at night, it’s a different view. 

Neighbors like Mike Melfi have been urging both Onondaga County and the Town of Clay to step up, so accidents between Maple Road and Route 31 can become a thing of the past.

These crashes often end with a car hitting a utility pole, leaving neighbors in the dark. Just last month the County DOT put in speed signs.

“It’s a 35 mile per hour zone there, it’s not a freeway,” said Onondaga County DOT Commissioner, Martin Voss.

Still, some neighbors don’t think that’s enough. “We’re all happy that, that has occurred, but we want more,” said Melfi.

Now the county has gone a step further, inspecting the road and making sure there’s no flaw in its design. “Caughdenoy is appropriately banked, it’s appropriately signed, it’s properly built and constructed,” said Voss.

The County DOT is laying out their findings in a letter to National Grid, putting the ball in their court.

“This is just to sort of put Grid on notice that you know, maybe there’s a way for them to participate as well,” said Voss. “Offering to work with them on a new permit if they feel and their engineering department feels it may make sense to relocate some of those poles, or underground them.” 

National Grid should have their hands on the letter as early as Monday, Feb. 4.

We spoke to a National Grid spokesperson on Friday night, who tells us, once they receive the letter, they will review it and issue a response. 

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