SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV)– It was a sea of orange as SU fans packed the stands at SRC Arena Friday night to watch Boeheim’s Army compete in The Basketball Tournament. TBT returns to Syracuse after three years as Boeheim’s Army vies to defend its championship title. 

“We came in ‘19 we watched the whole tournament that time also, but COVID put a damper on everything else so we’re back,” Al Pickerd said. 

For many fans, 2019 was the last time they had a chance to watch the team compete and this year there were some new faces, including the first Boeheim to ever play for Boeheim’s Army. 

“Who are we here to see?” Mom Ashley Fullington asked her almost three-year-old son. “Jimmy Boeheim,” he responded. The family of three was at the tournament in 2019, the only difference? Ashley’s son was in her belly. 

“I tried to induce labor two years or three years ago with him so here we are again,” she said. 

A full circle moment for the Fullington’s who bleed orange all the way. 

“We’re huge basketball fans, we usually try to go to one road game a year. We’re season ticket fans or season ticket holders for basketball and football.”

Ashley Fullington, Boeheim’s Army fan

But for some other fans, the game was an excuse to take the night off from work and enjoy some competitive basketball. 

“It’s more exciting, it’s more cutthroat, it’s more jabbed, it’s more this, it’s more that,” fan Jeanne Maynard said. 

And fans will have another chance to see that competitive play Saturday when Boeheim’s Army returns to SRC Arena to face off against The Nerd Team at 2 p.m. Tickets are still available here.