OSWEGO, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Oswego Mayor Billy Barlow announced today that construction has started to transform the area between the Oswego Steam Station and SUNY Oswego, known to locals as Sheldon Beach.

Currently, the area is a vacant, gravel parking lot. Mayor Barlow says that the area will be transformed into an accessible public park with waterfront access through a $150,000 project, much like the Lakeside Park project that was finished in 2019.

Plans include a parking area, green space, a walking trail to the waterfront, new public restrooms, and a picnic area. The city would also repave 6th Avenue, which would lead to the park.

“We’ve experienced great success with our waterfront renovations to date, including Lakeside Park. We’ll replicate the success we’ve had a Lakeside Park at Sheldon Beach, creating an accessible space for SUNY students and Oswego families to utilize,” said Mayor Billy Barlow. “A transformed Sheldon Beach area will make for yet another nice, tranquil spot along the waterfront for folks to enjoy,” Barlow added.

The project would be funded from the $1.7 million allotment the city received from the American Rescue Plan in 2021 and construction is expected to last seven weeks.