OSWEGO, N.Y (WSYR-TV) — A woman from Oswego decided to give a “porch pirate” a gift this holiday season.

Lauren Pepper came home earlier this week to find a man trying to take a deliver off her porch. After a heated exchange, Pepper says the perpetrator ran off. She had a feeling he would be back.

“And I thought, what could I do to mess with these people who try and steal stuff?” Pepper said.

So, she got to work on a plan. Pepper has a two-year-old daughter that would serve as her “little helper.”

Pepper filled a deliver box with dirty diapers and left it on her porch. Sure enough, it was gone the next day.

“I wish I could have seen their face when they opened it,” Pepper said, laughing.

She didn’t catch the person in the act but thinks she’s flushed out the problem.