Outgoing Board of Education will choose next West Genesee superintendent of three finalists

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CAMILLUS, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – The outgoing Board of Education of the West Genesee School District is slated to appoint the next superintendent on June 19, just 11 days before the terms of two of its members comes to an end.

Board President Roberta Herron was ousted from her seat, receiving the fewest number of votes of five candidates.

Another incumbent, Eric Bacon, will also lose his seat, receiving second fewest.

Despite the community’s loud and clear signal that they want a change of leadership, Herron will still lead the Board and Bacon will still be a member when the nine-person body decides who will be the next superintendent.

The hiring timeline, published to the district’s website, schedules the appointment for June 19. Their terms expire on June 30.

On Friday, the district announced the three finalists for the job: David Bills, Linda Goewey, and Brian Kesel. 

Kesel, who is the district’s current assistant superintendent and worked under Chris Brown, gives the Board the option to pick an internal administrator.

Bills and Goewey are both current superintendents from other parts of New York State.

Whoever is chosen will have to clean up the mess left after this rocky year for the district.

In January, longtime superintendent Chris Brown resigned after his wife’s social media post accused him of having an affair with West Genesee High School principal Shannon Coholan.

The district hired an outside attorney to investigate the accusations, but didn’t publicize the results of the investigation.

Brown and the district agreed to end his contract. Coholan was fired from her job.

The rocky year for district leadership, now under an interim superintendent, didn’t end there.

In February, the district asked a school bus driver to leave his job, in the form of retirement, after allowing a 21-year-old man to board a bus full of middle schoolers. The drivers’ co-workers defend him, claiming he was given the go-ahead from a supervisor.

Following the election results, Board President Roberta Herron told NewsChannel 9,

“I feel that spinning the election results as contentious and scandalous does an incredible disservice to the new elected board members. It overshadows the true intent and integrity for why they ran; which is for the betterment of students and their education, and to serve their district voluntarily.  They should be in the forefront and commended; not obscured by the illusion of coup.  With so few people who are willing; I, along with the rest of the board are grateful that all 3 of these candidates were elected, and are eager to serve.”

Some community members feel the current board should hold off on the decision until the new board is sworn in.

Friday, brand new board member Elizabeth Donaldson referred all questions to Herron, despite Donaldson’s overwhelming victory over Herron. Incoming member Aaron Ryder declined an interview request or answering any questions.

An email to Herron sent around 4:30 p.m. Friday has not yet been answered.

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