AUBURN, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Outside the front door of Kinney Drugs, a man spent the afternoon passing out a life-saving overdose antidote.

He wasn’t in a white coat because he’s not a pharmacist. Jason “Wally” Meyers is a survivor of an addiction-fueled overdose.

“I ended up sniffing two lines of fentanyl,” recalled Wally in an interview with NewsChannel 9. “Last thing I remember is hitting my head on the nightstand and rolling into the closet.”

Seven doses of Narcan saved his life. What State Troopers used on him, he’s training others to be comfortable doing.

Partnering with Cayuga County government, Wally does “pop up” trainings. He gives away Narcan kits to people willing to learn how to use them.

Triggering the mist-based drug in someone’s nostril is as easy as a nasal spray. But Wally makes sure people know what to look for and how to detect an overdose.

He suggests people yell at the person to wake them up verbally first. If that fails, he wants them to push on their shoulder to get their attention.

If not, Wally wants people to use Narcan even before calling 911.

More Narcan trainings:

  • Friday, April 14 11 am to 3 pm at Kinney Drugs, 187 State Street, Auburn
  • Sunday, April 30 from1 to 4 pm at Brutus Town Clerk’s Office, 9021 N Seneca Street, Weedsport
  • Thursday, May 4 from 11 am to 3 pm at Dom’s Grocery, 30 Orchard Street, Auburn