PULASKI, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — 12 jurors of Oswego County have been sent to deliberate as they judge whether the stepfather of 17-year-old Jordan Brooks should be convicted of his murder.

Anthony Waldron’s trial resumed Monday after a six-day pause, which is blamed on a series of developments involving the defendant.

Aloud in court for the record, but without the jury present, Judge Armen Nazarian reviewed what’s transpired:

  • Waldron’s alleged vile comments toward a prosecutor
  • The defendant’s improper communication with a witness, his wife Lisa
  • His suicide attempt
  • His threats toward police
  • His threat to remove his GPS-monitoring ankle bracelet
  • His violent resisting of arrest, as the judge described.

For those reasons, Judge Nazarian issued a bench warrant after Waldron was discharged from the psychiatric unit of the hospital.

After a request that he be freed again, the judge ruled to keep him in custody.

He’s allowed to wear civilian clothes during his trial, so the jury doesn’t use his appearance as a factor in their decision. 

Then, Waldon’s defense attorney, Sal Lanza, made a motion for a mistrial.

He cited his speculation the jury must now be tainted by news coverage about Waldron’s eventful week, but admits he doesn’t have specific knowledge. The judge rejected the motion. 

Once the trial began, the defense rested its case after calling only one witness last week: Lisa Waldron.

Both the prosecution and defense gave closing arguments before the judge formally instructed the jury to begin deliberations.

It’s not clear if the jury will have enough time to deliberate before court closes Monday. If not, they’ll be back Wednesday for more. Election Day forces the court to close Tuesday.