SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Tanika Jones owns It Takes a Village Childcare Center in Syracuse and said she’s seeing some behavioral issues in her infant to toddler age group.

Jones says over the last few years, there have been noticeable differences in this age group. “The separation anxiety is just huge. At drop-off there’s always a meltdown for the most part, even though they know us,” she shared. “Even though they get to know us pre-Covid, it was one of those things where they were excited to see the childcare provider or the teacher or whoever, you know there’s really this separation anxiety and we just have to continue to reassure them that mom or dad or the caretaker is coming back.”

She’s confident the coronavirus pandemic is the reason why kids are acting this way, so she’s had to make some changes. “We’ve reached out to local agencies for support and unfortunately, the support and resources are very limited, and so we had to make an internal decision that we needed to increase our staff.”