SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Staff and volunteers on the Syracuse University campus stay busy keeping the food pantry stocked at Hendricks Chapel. A lack of consistent access to enough food is a problem that plagues our country, community and college students, and inflation is only making matters worse.

“I have experienced food insecurity myself. So, I know what it feels like be hungry and to go without food and I don’t want that for anyone else. Food is a basic necessity that everybody should have, especially while you’re busy on the college campus. You need food to be able succeed academically.”

Leondra Tyler, Office of Engagement Student Coordinator

The pantry opened at Hendricks Chapel in 2014, and serves 250 students a week.

“We see what’s happening across the country and in our community,” said Hendricks Chapel Assistant Dean Rebecca Reed Kantrowitz. “So our students are not immune from that as well. So we serve undergraduate students, graduate students, ESF students.”

Donations of money and food help to keep the shelves full for students to grab and go with ease.

“These are insulated bags which is really great because when students come in between classes they’re able to keep their produce fresh,” Tyler explained.

With the stress that comes with being in college, access to healthy food is one less thing students have to worry about.

You can get involved in the food pantry by volunteering, through monetary or food donations. You can learn more here.