SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Spending just a few dollars could make you a Mega Millionaire and then some! The jackpot has now risen to a whopping $810 million dollars!

You could be Tuesday night’s winner by spending just $2.00 on a lottery ticket. The chances are extremely slim, but that still isn’t stopping people from buying a ticket for the mega millions. Many people stopped at Rocky’s on Syracuse’s Northside on Tuesday afternoon to buy a ticket. The owner of Rocky’s says a lot of people have been coming in since Friday’s drawing. Some people are buying more than one ticket, sharing with NewsChannel 9 what they would spend that money on if they were lucky.

“I have three children, so I can help them. I belong to Assumption Church so I can make a nice donation to them. So you know and then see what else life brings me. So, that’s just a dream, only a dream,” says Valorie Happeler of Syracuse.

“I’d give to places like St. Judes and things like that, things to help children out. So they are not hurt and I’d give to my family and different churches in the community,” says Greg Conley of Syracuse.

This marks the nation’s 4th largest jackpot. Currently, the largest jackpot in U.S. lottery history was in a Powerball game in 2016, worth over one and a half billion dollars!

Tuesday’s drawing is at 11 pm. Your odds of winning are about one in 303 million…good luck!