Pet portraits with Santa at CountryMax

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Mark your calendar, get your best furry pal dressed up and head to CountryMax for a portrait with Santa Claus. The big guy in the red suit is parking his sleigh at 16 CountryMax locations around central New York taking pictures with pets.

All pets are welcome. Santa is flexible and will meet pets who can’t come in the store, outside.

New this year are digitally downloaded pictures. Get two digital photos to download for $5 or choose from one of three glossy 4×6 photo packages that come with a gift envelope, starting at $10.

Baldwinsville CountryMax store manager, Bill Brewster, said it is great seeing all the animals, “we get lizards, turtles, dogs, rabbits, cats bring them down and we’ll get a good picture for you.”

Santa will be taking pictures with pets starting Tuesday, December 3rd through Sunday, December 8th. For more information on times and locations where he will be visit

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