NEW YORK (WSYR-TV) — As the Holiday season comes around the corner with Thanksgiving soon and then Christmas, it also comes with stress, travel, and lots of eating.

That’s why Planet Fitness is inviting its members to participate in one or more of the several holiday-themed workouts offered by one of its trainers.

Fight the holiday weight gain and combat the stress with three different holiday-themed workouts including the pre-Thanksgiving Day workout, the Black Friday workout, and the Cyber Monday workout.

Physical activity can help anyone who is experiencing stress and depression during the holidays and it also can aid in combatting the holiday weight gain.

If you’re interested in these themed workouts here’s what you can expect at your local Planet Fitness gym!

The pre-Thanksgiving Day workout

The pre-Thanksgiving workout is designed to get members ready to start cooking and serving heavy plates with some strength training.

Members can also test their flexibility and endurance to prepare for dodging family members in the kitchen and stepping over pets and finally eating and watching football before getting up for seconds.

There will also be plenty of other turkey-themed exercises as well.

The Black Friday workout

The Black Friday workout is aimed at giving members the mobility needed to reach for those top-shelf items in stores.

It also gets them ready to walk to multiple stores for hours on end to find the best deals.

The Cyber Monday workout

The Cyber Monday workout will include trainer-instructed moves to keep members strong while they virtually shop until they drop.

Not only is mental strength important but also physical to help members maintain proper posture and avoid back pain after a long day of searching the web for the best deals.