BALDWINSVILLE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) It’s hard to see because it’s dark outside, but an unidentified Baldwinsville Police officer talks with Superintendent Jason Thomson near his vehicle outside the high school on October 7.

Thomson goes inside the building while the officer talks with others. “He didn’t use his turn signal to drive here and he parked illegally,” the officer said.

Thomson is brought back outside to his vehicle to begin the field sobriety test.

The officer said to Thomson, “I got a call that you crowd surfed today at the football game and people were concerned that you might have been drinking.” He then asks, “So have you been drinking today?”

Thompson replied, “No sir.”

The officer asked him again and Thomson said he had a beer at Sal’s before he got to the high school. He didn’t know what kind. Thomson said it was the one somebody bought him. The officer then conducts different field sobriety tests including having Thomson walk in a straight line while counting.

While walking, Thomson missed a step and said, “Jeepers Creepers. I’m so embarrassed. This is crazy. I’m so sorry.”

He does other tests and also blew into a breathalyzer. He’s arrested a short time after that.

The officer said to Thomson, “Out of respect for you, you’re going to walk to my patrol car. I’m going to put you in handcuffs behind my patrol car.”

Thomson wants to move his car, the officer tells him it will be towed. They start walking to the partrol car, then Thomson tells the officer, “You don’t have to hold me.”

The officer replies, “I do have to hold you, you’re under arrest.”

Thomson was taken to the police station and charged with DWI. Police say Thomson’s blood alcohol content was .15, almost twice the legal limit.

Thomson remains on administrative leave.