EAST GLACIER, MONTANA (WSYR-TV) — A father from Pompey and his 18-month-old daughter, on vacation, were shot and killed by a man who had a prior relationship with a member of the family, police confirmed Tuesday night.

NewsChannel 9 reported earlier Tuesday that 39-year-old David Siau died of his injuries, along with his daughter now identified by the Glacier County Sheriff’s Office as McKenzie Siau.

40-year-old Christy Siau, the victims’ wife and mother, was also shot and is listed in critical condition in the hospital. She was holding her daughter when the toddler was shot.

Deputies say the suspected shooter, 37-year-old Derick Amos Madden, of Goldsby, Oklahoma, drove his vehicle into the family, hit a tree and came out of the vehicle shooting a gun. Police haven’t explicitly said how many of the family members where hit by the vehicle or how seriously injured they were by the collision.

Police have identified a second woman hurt as 30-year-old Christina Siau, the victim’s sister, who was stabbed by the suspect, according to investigators.

Investigators say Christina Siau and the suspect had a prior relationship.

Initially, the police agency incorrectly said the prior relationship was between Christy and the suspect.

Despite being seriously injured, Christina Siau defended herself and killed the shooter. Police did not say what or if a weapon was used.

Deputies say Madden “was suffering from mental health issues.”

Both women shot were moved to larger hospitals for treatment of critical injuries, deputies say.

The couple’s two other children were with them at the time of the shooting but were not hurt, according to police. They are staying with their grandparents.

The family is active with Pompey Community Church, according to people who know them.

David Siau works for Benchmark Media, according to the couple’s wedding announcement.

The community is raising money to support the family through GoFundMe and a fund set up through the family’s church.

In a statement to NewsChannel 9, the family’s former church, wrote:

“They did attend and were members of Missio from 2008-2016. They were beloved & served joyfully in many ways in our church community during that time. When they purchased their home in Pompey and made the transition to Pompey Community Church, we celebrated with them as they found a wonderful place to live and to worship with their family. 

We are grieving with our brothers and sisters at Pompey Community and are mourning with the Siau & Brownell Families and will come alongside them during this time of unimaginable grief.

As it has been so many years since the Siaus made the move to Pompey, and their lives are so intertwined with the people in that area, we would encourage you to contact the leaders at Pompey Community Church so they can speak to these things further.”

A photo of the family was posted on the Facebook page of Mission Hope Community, with the caption: “We are deeply grieving the gun violence assault on Christy Brownell Siau and her family while they were camping on the Blackfeet Indian reservation. Christy was the bookkeeper for ABC-NYS for several years. Her husband David is dead, along with their 18-month old daughter, and Christy is hospitalized. G-d be with them, and G-d forgive us for allowing our idolatrous gun worship to continue.”

In a message shared on Facebook by another chapter of the group “American Baptist Churches,” the local director wrote:

“David and Christy (Brownell) Siau were victims of gun violence over the weekend while on a family vacation in Montana. David and their youngest daughter have died. Christy was wounded and is in the hospital.

As far as we know, their other two children were uninjured. Christy was a long time and beloved member of the Region staff, and she and David provided leadership for the annual American Baptist Youth Convention. Carl and Lorraine Brownell have been long term leaders in American Baptist Men and American Baptist Womens Ministries of New York State. They have also been active in Region ministries and their local church, First Baptist Church of Hoosick Falls.

Please remember both the Siau and Brownell families in prayer as they grieve this incredible and sudden loss.”