The Power Five College Sports Conferences are looking to put in emphasis back on the student in student athlete.

The agreement in concept has been reached by the Atlantic Coast Conference, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12 and Southeastern Conference.

It includes seven consecutive days off at the end of each season and at least another 14 days during the academic year where there would be no required athletic activity.

Rick Burton is the Syracuse University Faculty Athletic Rep to the ACC & NCAA.

Burton says, “I think this is a statement, a really positive one that the student athletes have a voice and they’re getting to say we need either more down time or we want it structured in such a way that we know when we’re playing and when we’re practicing and when we’re not so we can take full advantage of everything that a university has to offer.”

The plan also calls for every student playing a sport to have at least one day a week during the season free from sports, including travel.

Burton tells NewsChannel 9 down time will vary from sport to sport.

“They all have to come at down time differently as to what they want to get out of their university, more time to study depending on their major, more time to relax, more time to go to student functions that maybe aren’t available if they’re always at practice.” Burton adds.

Each of the Power Five conferences has the right to pursue additional changes if they want.

Formal proposals including this agreement will be considered for vote at the January 2017 NCAA convention.

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