SYRACUSE (WSYR-TV) — From prom to graduation, it’s a busy season for teens celebrating. But unfortunately, those special times can turn deadly, with more teen drivers out on the road.

“When we are talking about teen drivers it’s really just about inexperience. So they may have had their licenses for a couple of years or they may have just gotten their license,” said Valerie Puma, communications specialist, AAA Western & Central New York.

They are lacking the experience of other drivers on the road.

“Teen drivers really do put everyone on the roadway at risk of a deadly crash especially if those teen drivers are bringing their teen passengers along with them for a ride,” said Puma.

AAA Western & Central New York says prom night can be the most dangerous night for teens.

Here are a few reminders for teen drivers:

  • Do not drive impaired or distracted.
  • Do not let your friends drive impaired or distracted.
  • Call your parents to get home safely or if you need help.

Parents should be planning ahead too.

“Be a good example whenever driving and setting rules for my teen driver. So just addressing safe driving habitat and also the punishments for breaking those safe driving habitats,” said Puma.

AAA Western & Central New York also encourages teens to enroll in a driver education program. Click here to learn more.