Protect your roses from the bitter cold this Valentine’s Day

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The red rose is classic. It represents beauty, perfection and will always be a way to say “I love you.”

In The Floral Gardens flower shop in Cicero, you could hear the bustle, “Order in– five dozen red roses. I’ve got the vase all ready. I’m greening it now.”

This time of year is known to be a bit chaotic for florists.

Kathy Knittel, Owner of Floral Gardens says, “We try to stay cool headed and keep plugging along.”

They’re taking orders and fixing the flowers until the very last minute. They’ve been planning for this day for a while.

Knittel says, “We’re prepared so we’ve been making boxes and getting bows ready for weeks.”

They have everything. The cards, the teddy bears, of course the chocolate and the iconic red rose but it’s going to need a little extra love with this year’s frigid Valentine’s Day temperatures.

Knittel says, “Roses are delicate.”

So don’t leave these beauties outside.

Knittel says, “It will kill them. You definitely need to make sure they stay warm. They don’t have to be really warm but they can’t be below 35 degrees. They like 38 or 40 degrees. So keeping them in your car isn’t a good idea.”

In order to guarantee a smiling face, they’ll take it a stem above, whether it’s half a dozen or five.

Knittel says, “We try to wrap them really well for them so that they can get them delivered in good shape then we give them extra wrap before they take them home too. The holidays are definitely a more fun time because you can definitely see the happiness in the people that receive flowers.”

Knittel wants to remind you to shop local. That way, the money will stay local and you’ll be dealing with local people ensuring the best product for your loved one.

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