DEWITT, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Odin, a pit mix puppy is about four months old. He had a rough start.

“When the SPCA found him, he had burn marks pretty much all over his body,” explained DeWitt Police Officer Ene Hujdur. “His left ear, whoever had him clipped a part of his ear off. When the vet at the SPCA was checking him over, he had a few missing teeth.”

The dog was dropped off at the shelter by someone who found him in the bushes. He was named Dumbo then. Officer Hujdur said police have a good relationship with the CNY SPCA so he was made aware of Dumbo’s case and decided to adopt him.

“He was only maybe like three or four weeks old at the time. And just like seeing the down state he was in, he wasn’t supposed to survive that day, that’s how bad his wounds were and everything that happened to him. So after I heard all that, I’m like he’s going to come home to a good family,” Hujdur said.

Dumbo was being cared for, then he was stolen from the CNY SPCA by a homeless man known to police. Officer Hujdur and other police searched for him.

“There were camps in the woods and there were god awful smells in there,” Hujdur recalled. “A part of me was worried that smell could have been him deceased, but luckily it wasn’t.”

He was located and returned. Then about a week ago, Hujdur adopted him and renamed him, Odin. He’s a welcomed guest at the police station. He’s settling in nicely and has been dubbed the unofficial, official K-9 of the department.

“For a dog to have gone through what he went through, you wouldn’t even have guessed that he went through that. He’s just a bundle of joy,” Hujdur said.

Odin spreads that joy to every person and dog he meets.

Odin also has a beagle sister named Sky, and they are already best friends.