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SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — You may have seen social media posts on Thursday using #PurpleThursday. It’s for a national awareness day to honor survivors of domestic violence.

In Syracuse, Vera House is encouraging people to create awareness and wear purple. 

Many are sharing their photos on social media, along with messages of support and survivor stories. 

The month of October is also National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Letting survivors and victims know they’re not alone is an everyday mission for Vera House, which hopes to one day see a world free of violence and abuse.

“Domestic violence is an ongoing pattern of power and control of one person,” said Chris Benton, Director of Marketing and Communications at Vera House.

It happens a lot. In fact, one in three women and one in four men have experienced some form of physical violence by an intimate partner, according to a National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence survey report. Which means more than likely, someone you know has been or currently is, a victim.

“It does not discriminate,” said Benton. That’s why Purple Thursday is meant to spark a conversation and encourage upstanders. “An upstander is someone that will speak out, be a support to someone that may be experiencing abuse.”

An upstander is someone who will be there to listen and let that person know they have their trust because sharing their truth can be scary.

Domestic violence comes in many forms. The most common is physical but it can also appear as digital, financial, and emotional abuse. “Putting someone down, degrading them, maybe keeping someone from seeing family,” said Benton.

Sometimes victims don’t always see the signs, but an upstander might. Remember, it’s not just a statistic. It could be your sister, your brother, or your closest friend.

“One out of 10 people can be affected and will be affected in their lifetime,” said Benton.

If you or someone who know is a victim of domestic violence you can call the Vera House 24-hour crisis and support line (315) 468-3260 or visit their website for more resources and information.

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