SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — An urgent warning from the Onondaga County Health Department, after videos circulating online show a rabid fox attacking several people Monday night in Syracuse.

The Onondaga County Health Department is doing what it can to ensure anyone who may have had direct physical contact with the rabid fox to seek medical attention immediately.

The fox was seen acting abnormally, according to videos circulating online, with multiple people being attacked. The health department warned about the seriousness of rabies which can be a deadly disease, which is why doctors say you should not take any chances.

“Out of the several people that have been witnessed in the videos, we don’t have positive identification on any of them. We have one young person who presented to the school nurse on the morning of the 16th after being bitten on the leg and on the buttocks of the fox and this child is receiving appropriate treatment,” said Dr. James Alexander, Onondaga County Health Department.

The scary attack unfolded outside Oriana Kyles’ Eastwood home Monday night, after she almost came face-to-face with the fox.

“The fox came out of nowhere and it jumped on him and started biting him and attacking him, that’s when I started recording and you can hear him say “oh my god it bit me” and I am just like ‘oh my god, run sir, run'” said Kyles.

Home security video captured it all, showing the rabid fox chasing a man.

“I got my daughter on my hip, trying to get out the door and I said “hey get out of here” trying to tell the fox to get out of here,” said Kyles.

But the fox had a mind of its own.

“Immediately, it just charged at me, and I’m like ‘AHH’. Immediately, I just screamed and jumped back in the car so fast,” said Kyles.

Kyles was able to make it safely inside her home with her daughter, thanks to her neighbor. Kyles says she tried warning people outside about the rabid fox, including a dash door driver.

“I said ‘Don’t get out of the car. There’s a rabid fox.’ She didn’t believe me. The next thing you know she’s going ‘AH,’ and then the fox-like jumped at her and she tried to get into the passenger door of the car that she was in, while she was trying to shut the door, her foot got stuck,” said Kyles.

With the car door ajar, the fox was able to squeeze through, before eventually falling to the ground. Kyles is now trying to get in touch with that delivery driver.

“I tried to reach out to the neighbor to see if they could contact the door dasher,” said Kyles.

Warning signs from the county health department have been posted throughout the areas of Burnet Avenue where the fox was spotted, urging the public to come forward if they may have had direct contact with the rabid fox.

“If someone does develop rabies disease in almost every case they are going to die,” said Dr. Alexander.

There’s no time to waste when it comes to getting the proper treatment for rabies.

If you or your pet were bitten or scratched or had any kind of direct physical contact with this rabid fox in the area of Burnet Avenue, call the county health department immediately, 315-435-3236.

You can also visit an emergency room or bring your pet to a veterinarian for evaluation. Post-exposure rabies shots will be available for free.

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