SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Gomez Adams didn’t know it, but last Thursday, March 2, was the last time Jim Boeheim would co-host the radio show the two have done every basketball season for 25 years.

“We finished up,” Gomez recalled in an interview with NewsChannel 9, “and I just joked with the coach, like, ‘Okay. It’s our last show, coach, you’ll be right back here, right?’ and he smiled a little bit and said ‘Yep, right back here at Carrabba’s.’ But he had a goofy grin, and I’m thinking: ‘Will he be back here as a coach or a customer?'”

Six days later, and in a span of four hours, the team would lose, Boeheim would make confusing comments about his future and Syracuse University would announce the end of his career.

It’s also brings an end to the radio show Boeheim and Gomez hosted for 25 years, a weekly chance for fans to hear the coach’s insight before weekend play.

Gomez thought the transition was awkward.

“For his sake,” Gomez said, “Giving his career, his whole adult life to the university, that there’d be something more from the University’s end to wish the coach well.”

Known for being agitated by some people’s questions, Boeheim’s relationship with Gomez was special, Gomez thinks, because it was conversational and not controversial since day one.

Gomez recalls, “I flat out told coach: ‘I don’t know anything about basketball. I’m going to wing this. You’ve got to help me out.'” 

Gomez isn’t certain, but assumes the show will continue with new head coach Adrian Autry.