SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Red Chili Chinese Restaurant on Erie Boulevard East has invested in a “new employee” to help their staff and improve customer service. The new employee? A robot server!

The robot’s name is “Red Horse” and it brings the food from the kitchen and out to a table, where a server then puts the food on the table for customers to enjoy. Deborah Ducett went to Red Chili for lunch, and was fascinated by Red Horse. “I think it’s very creative and exciting and very innovative,” said Ducett. “I guess it’s the new thing. I’ve been to restaurants where you can order on an iPad, but I’ve never seen a robot server, it’s kind of fun!”

The robot saves servers time from having to run back to the kitchen to grab food. A manager for the restaurant says it takes a load off the staff. “I think now, many times we need a lot of help and we’re always walking all over, and many times we answer the phone and people order over the phone, we need some help and I think the robot saves us a lot of time and energy,” said Mina Labatos.

It works about ten hours a day and can carry four tables worth of food. Employees with the restaurant say they have a second one and plan on using it in the near future.