Redhouse Arts Center ‘Learning Lab’ designed to help with remote learning

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SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The school year is underway for many districts around Central New York and for several that includes a schedule with remote learning days.

The Redhouse Arts Center in Downtown Syracuse has a program designed to help parents/guardians and teachers with virtual learning.

The Redhouse Learning Lab is open to students from all area school districts.

“Providing an opportunity that not only fills a need, but also allows people to connect in some way is really our chief goal in everything that we do, and the Learning Lab, for me, is another piece of that,” says Redhouse Director of Education Marguerite Mitchell.

She says Redhouse is not changing so much what they do, but how they’re doing it.

Instead of sending teachers into school classrooms in the area, students are coming to them on days they’re not physically reporting to school.

“We’re helping them login to class, reinforcing that content skill building stuff that teachers need help reinforcing and also providing enrichment opportunities when they’re not in class,” Mitchell tells NewsChannel 9.

The Redhouse Learning Lab is also very focused on following, and in many cases exceeding COVID-related health and safety protocols.

Mitchell says, “We have air purification systems in place, we have desks where even if your child is here only Monday, Tuesday the rest of the week there is no other child sitting in that desk, that is their desk for the duration of learning lab.”

The Learning Lab states a student cohort’s daily schedule will be developed in collaboration with and alongside parents and classroom teachers in order to support student goals.

“It’s helping the kids safely connect with each other, connect with their teachers, the parents connect with us so we can fulfill a need and take some stress off of them, is really the goal,” Mitchell adds.

There are still slots available. Click here to learn more about the Redhouse Learning Lab.

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