Relatives hope to visit loved ones again as NYS releases guidelines for nursing home visitation

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Nursing home visitation guidelines have been adjusted from 28 days being COVID free to 14.

(WSYR-TV) — New York State adjusted nursing visitation policies on Tuesday. Now, a nursing home must be COVID-free for 14 days instead of 28 days.

They will also require visitors to show that they have tested negative for the virus within the last seven days.

Ann Marie Lasinski-Lepinske hasn’t seen her loved one, David, since March.

Every time she has tried, the home where he’s living in Cooperstown said someone else there had come down with COVID-19.

With the new guidance taking half the time to try and see someone, she’s hopeful the day will come soon.

She said the previous guidelines made it impossible for her to get some time with him.

28 days is a long time when you have been waiting since March to see someone who can’t see their loved ones. And I am not saying it for me. Yes, I do miss David, but it is more for David’s sake. The one visitor he gets can’t even come to see him… It has been very difficult for him.

Ann Marie Lasinski-Lepinske

The new guidance will allow visitation to around 80 percent of nursing homes across the state.

The number of visitors must not exceed 10 percent of the number of people at a facility and only two visitors will be allowed per person at one time.

Ann Marie is ready to follow whatever rules she has to, but still feels there’s too much regulation.

“There’s nothing I can do,” she said. “I can’t come outside to see him. They didn’t allow window visits, I asked. I said ‘You know I’ve been waiting since March.’ We haven’t been able to do any Zoom calls because with his dementia it is meaningless to him.”

She is hopeful that she will get to see him before the weather makes it even more difficult.

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