SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR – TV) — On June 1 the gas tax suspension will go into place in an effort to give neighbors a break when filling up their vehicles.

The savings will come from both the county and state levels. In Onondaga County, that means a 7-cent per gallon break on top of the 16-cent break going to everyone at the state level for a total of 23 cents per gallon.

While this may seem like a huge win, Professor of Supply Chain at Syracuse University Patrick Penfield says that it’s only a temporary fix to a much larger problem.

“It’s going to be minimal,” he said, “The problem is there’s just a lot of demand that’s out there.”

“Because of covid last year, a lot of people didn’t travel. This year, everybody wants to travel.”

Penfield even says he is surprised gas prices aren’t higher than they are right now.

“To be quite honest with you, I thought it would have been even worse if, China wasn’t under their covid lockdowns, I think you probably would see gas at $5.25.” he said, “But because they haven’t been using as much oil, it’s really actually helped us from a gas price standpoint.”

But that won’t last for long and although Penfield says folks can expect to see a decrease in prices on June 1 it won’t last long.

“I wouldn’t be shocked if it was $5.65-75 a gallon… the end of August.”

And the long-term consequences of those prices are what really worries Penfield.

He said, “Don’t be surprised to see a lot of these small trucking companies going to bankruptcy Just because the fuel prices are so high.”

“Long term, what will happen is that if fuel prices keep going the way they’re going and they keep climbing up, It’ll pull the economy down, and then we’ll enter a recession.”