SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) Family and friends of Kristina Kirby and members of the community gathered to celebrate her life, in hopes of carrying on her legacy.

“She always loved to help people. She loved what she did for her community. She loved helping kids – that was like one thing – she loved having the kids come from the inner-city cause she knew what it was like for some of them to grow up in Syracuse, and she wanted to be that change,” said Karisa Kirby, Kristina’s niece.

Kristina Kirby was that change for Urban Delights, an agricultural summer program for local kids.

Kristina passed away unexpectedly this August, just one week after giving birth to her first child. Although family and friends are still grieving the loss, they’re doing their best to carry on her legacy.

Those who knew Kristina say the program was part of her soul.

Desaree Dixie, Program Director for Jubilee Homes of Syracuse worked closely with Kristina for a number of years.

“We say, it takes a village and she was so instrumental and she really loved the youth. You know, the agriculture part kind of came easy to her because of her family background, but she really loved working with the kids and really showing them different things,” said Dixie.

“Even though we did lose Kristina, I feel like a lot of people now, after losing her, learning about all of the things she did is really bringing light to Urban Delights,” said Karisa. “She really loved this program, she put a lot of work into it, and this is what she wanted.”

That’s what brings her family, friends and the community together, now celebrating 20 years of Urban Delights and remembering Kristina.

“Everything she did was all love and she was just so sincere and she truly loved everyone. Family was so important to her, her friends were so important to her. She always loved to help people,” said Karisa.

If you’re interested in getting involved in Urban Delights, visit the Jubilee Website.

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