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Rep. Katko joins NewsChannel 9 to talk election victory and status of Mueller investigation

SYRACUSE (WSYR-TV) - Republican Congressman John Katko, elected to his third term on Tuesday, joined NewsChannel 9 live on Thursday for a wide-ranging interview.

Katko won by six percentage points, a tighter race with his Democratic challenger Dana Balter than expected, but Katko says he's not surprised. 

Katko says, "We knew the headwinds we were facing. A lot of them were beyond our control. We still ended up winning three out of the four counties resoundingly, and it was very close in Onondaga County, so. All in all, it was a good night. A great night."

When asked what lessons he will learn from the campaign and his opponent, Katko says, "The same lessons I always take away. I listen to what my opposition is arguing and what they're talking about. I'll take that into consideration moving forward like I always do."

The topic of town hall meetings have haunted Katko's second term. Some began criticizing him for not holding open forums, where not questions are off limits. Katko says he has, referring to telephone town halls and topical forums where he says he's says he takes questions after.

When asked if he's planning an event to the liking of his critics, Katko says, "I've done that repeatedly.The doors are open. They're announced and we open up questions at the end. Of course. I've been doing that all along. I'll continue to do that."

On Thursday, Democrat Dana Balter told NewsChannel 9 that Katko can prove himself by following through with his support of legislation to protect the Bob Mueller investigation into President Trump's Campaign.

Katko says, "There is nothing that has happened in the Mueller investigation that's been impeded. I know Bob Mueller and I served in an administration with him. He would make noise and make it very clear if there was any problems. He's indicted many people. He's convicted many people. The investigation is going on fire. If he signals at all that there's a concern, we'll definitely act on it for sure."

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