As President Trump prepares for his first State of the Union address, many of the people in attendance  will be guests of congressional representatives. Including Teresa Woolson of Oswego; she will be a guest of Congressman John Katko

Teresa’s son Victor died more than five years ago after a reaction to synthetic drugs.

“When he went into this store and found this product, he said to me just before he died, ‘how bad could it be, Mom? It’s in the store.’ And if I’d have known how bad it could be, from a store, I would’ve certainly told him it’s deadly,” said Woolson.

Since then, she’s brought the Victor Orlando Woolson Foundation, named after her son, into schools, in front of police, as well as lawmakers, like Congressman Katko. Congressman Katko invited Teresa to Washington, D.C. for the State of the Union and to speak with lawmakers about legislation that would give the Attorney General the power to temporarily make chemicals illegal after thirty days.   

“He called me a couple weeks ago, I was stunned, humbled, and so excited,” said Woolson.

You might be able to spot Teresa in the crowd! Tune in Tuesday for President Trump’s State of the Union address on NewsChannel 9 at 9 pm.