Report: FBI translator who married ISIS terrorist she was investigating is living in Syracuse

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The FBI is struggling to explain an embarrassing breach of National Security after one of its translators with top secret clearance became an ISIS bride.

According to the New York Post, former FBI agent 38-year-old Daniela Greene went to Syria in the summer of 2014 for an investigation and ended up marrying a German-born jihadist.

CNN says Greene left her husband in the U.S. to be with Denis Cuspert, a notorious ISIS fighter and recruiter, and then lied to her bosses about it.

The Post reports that Greene lives in a “block in a Syracuse neighborhood that’s largely home to a large population of Muslim immigrants.”

CNN, who broke the story on Monday, is working to confirm that Greene is in Syracuse. 

Having violated “…the public trust… and endangered our nation’s security”, according to federal prosecutors, Greene served just two years in prison, and is now free.

She wouldn’t answer CNN’s questions, saying “if I talk to you, my family will be in danger.”

The information about her case comes from previously sealed court documents.

The records were unsealed only after Greene finished cooperating with authorities, and after prosecutors asked a judge to make them public, according to CNN.

Greene was tasked with helping investigate a terrorist labeled-individual in court documents— that individual, as CNN has learned, was German rapper turned ISIS fighter Cuspert.

Greene was able to track the terrorist using three Skype accounts, but it turns out the FBI only knew of only two. 

Freene had “sole access to a third Skype account…” and in June 2014, Greene told her supervisor she was making a trip to Germany to visit family.

Instead, she flew through Toronto to Istanbul, traveled south to Gaziantep, Turkey, crossed the Syrian border with the help of the terrorist, and disappeared.

CNN says she not only married Cuspert, but told him “she was employed by the FBI and that the FBI had an open investigation into his activities.”

Shortly after arriving in Syria, Greene had a change of heart and within weeks was sending emails back to the United States.

“I was weak”….she wrote in one… “I really made a mess of things this time.”

Greene began cooperating with the FBI immediately upon her arrest. She pleaded guilty to making false statements involving international terrorism.

Similar cases have ended in sentences of eight, 10,  or 15 years in federal prison.

Greene was sentenced to just two.

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