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LAFAYETTE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV)– Local businesses continue to have issues with the third-party food delivery service, Grubhub, but this time with restaurants that don’t subscribe to the service. 

For Jon Battelle, owner of A Taste of Heaven Pizzeria in LaFayette, the calls from Grubhub started in August, but the caller on the other line never identified themselves as such. 

“The order would get processed, it would get completed and set up to stay warm and they wouldn’t show up,” Battelle said. “They didn’t show up for two and a half hours.” 

Those wait times increased over time with some orders never getting picked up at all. A similar experience currently happening up the road at The LaFayette Inn. 

“You know we have a reputation of good food and friendly service and to me that’s not friendly,” general manager, Melissa White said. 

Both restaurants have never subscribed to the Grubhub service, but the company recently started adding unpartnered restaurants to its platform to better compete with similar services.

In response to these issues, a Grubhub spokesperson said in a statement to NewsChannel 9:

Grubhub is committed to helping restaurants during this challenging time, and we place restaurants on our platform to generate more orders for restaurants and offer diners variety. We’re developing tools that make it easier for restaurants to claim their menus or request to be removed from our platform, and if a restaurant would not like to be included on Grubhub, they can reach out to us at

Grubhub Spokesperson

Battelle said it’s only hurting his business, losing nearly $550 to orders that were never paid for.

“They hijacked my menu like they’ve done to so many other restaurants apparently…and I applaud the effort of trying to give me extra business, I really do and I don’t fault their drivers, but the way they’re going about it, they’re costing us money,” he said.

Both restaurants say they’re now able to recognize the number when Grubhub calls and are refusing to complete the orders. They urge their customers to go the more traditional route of calling the restaurant directly to place an order. 

Since NewsChannel 9 reached out to Grubhub, both businesses have been removed from the marketplace. 

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