SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR – TV) — Francesca’s Pizza and Italian Restaurant in Liverpool has lots of experience when it comes to busy days at the restaurant.

“Day to day this place is nonstop, very busy throughout the winter we get a lot of business,” said Jeremy Mathers, “And obviously, it picks up once the weather starts to get nicer in the spring and summer months.”

With this upcoming weekend in particular, the warm weather brings graduation and a serious bump in business.

“Obviously that brings a big number of catering each day, our bulletin board is already full and we have taken countless numbers probably 50 plus caterings for the next two days coming up.”

In the past not only is the rush of people a challenge, but the warm weather, as well. Mathers says they generally have to stop taking catering orders 2-3 days in advance in order to get everything done in time for graduation weekend.

“Saturday and Sunday is going to be very crazy because it is going to be upwards of 80 degrees and the catering orders are going to be all day nonstop,” he said.

“Throw in all the pickups, to-go and dine ins, so it’ll be tough, but we will push through it.”

In terms of challenges, the only one Mathers mentioned was the supply shortage, not only with staff, but with product, as well.

“Obviously with the COVID pandemic and the shortages, not only with the employee shortages but with the food and the product is the big thing.”

“Making sure it is in house so we can get all the product prepared and delivered on time,” he said, “That’s the biggest challenge.”