SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV)- During Governor Kathy Hochul’s State of the State address, she mentioned the possibility of bringing back alcohol-to-go permanently.

During the pandemic, restaurants were allowed to serve alcohol-to-go to help bring in revenue. That ended in June 2021. Nick Ford, the operating partner for Limp Lizard, says they found it to be successful.

“It did very well when we had it in the beginning of COVID, you know we did wine to-go and margaritas and different beers which we’re allowed to do, but it always helps to-go business when we can offer more products.” He also says it would help during the months that aren’t so busy. “if it’s permanent we could always come up with different specials and things, so barbecue and to-go alcohol kind of go together,” says Ford.

The owner of Chelsea’s Restaurant and Bar, Marty Richardson, had a different take on the program. She says it won’t make much of a difference. “I think it’s a nice addition like if somebody really likes a cocktail and one of the specialty cocktails and they want to take one home because they want to drink and they don’t want to necessarily have one here, I think it’s a wonderful option to at least offer it.” Even though Richardson says it won’t make or break her business, she won’t turn away the business or sales from it.