JAMESVILLE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Looking through photos pictures brings back fond memories for the graduates of St. Joseph’s College of Nursing’s class of 1962.

“How can you remember doing something 60 years ago,” retired nurse Joanne Whelan asked. “And we did, it’s just imprinted on our soul.”

They say nursing school was hard, but what got them through? They would, “Depend on each other if things weren’t going right if you were in a fix and wasn’t sure what to do when you were a student and you were just learning,” explained retired nurse Ellen Cannella.

When they graduated many of them worked at St. Joseph’s Health. A lot has changed since they first got their start.

“We had to polish our shoes, God forbid you had a scuff on your shoe, white nylons, the girdle, the starched uniform,” said retired nurse Barbara Connolly.

Maggie Bovard wasn’t in their class but is part of their group of nurses. She also worked at St. Joseph’s Health and was an instructor.

“To watch them blossom over a couple of weeks,” Bovard said, “Absolutely remarkable.”

Every five years they would have reunions and take trips.

“We went to Vegas and we really did not behave well. That’s part of the fun of life,” Whelan said.

What they love most about the job, “The caring part, the good feeling you get when you think you’ve helped somebody through a difficult time.”

The bond they created caring for people 60 years ago continues now as they live at the Nottingham and look back on the good old days.

“It’s been a wonderful life. I don’t care how had you have to study, what you have to go through, how many bedpans you have to empty, it’s a wonderful life,” Connolly said.

Their advice for aspiring nurses: “You have to be able to care,” Bovard said.