SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Whether you like it warm or chilled, the crew at Lobster Babe has a roll for you.

“It’s about the fun flavors,” said Danielle Mercuri the owner and restauranteur, “The way that you can play with lobster is unreal.”

And so is the story behind this spot right next to her popular Rise N Shine Diner.

“It was an opportunity that we didn’t think was going to happen, nor did we ask. It was a friend of ours, Recess Coffee owned this place and he had asked, he would love for us to take over,” Mercuri explained.

Since you can’t always get a lobster roll around Central New York, Lobster Babe was born.

One of the lobster rolls you can get with pumpkin honey. Where did that idea come from?

“I don’t know because of the season, right. They’re like It’s going to be gross,” Mercuri recalled of the conversation with her team, “I said no let’s try it and it’s really good. They all shut up after they ate it.”

Throughout the pandemic, restaurants closed.

Last year Mercuri opened Loded, her spin on burgers fries and shakes at the original Rise N Shine location on Thompson Road. In a few weeks, she’ll open Lala Lu where Grimaldi’s used to be -putting a twist on Italian food.

She has an outside the box approach. An ingredient in her recipe for success, in a business she says is very, very tough.

“I don’t want you to feel like you’re in a pandemic or there’s a recession. Whatever it is that’s going on, we’re still going to have that same great fun place for that experience. I don’t know if that is attractive for the consumer, but whatever we do, I just don’t ever stop.”

Danielle Mercuri, Central New York Restauranteur

Giving the customers an experience is her goal at every spot.

Mercuri said she would love to add another Rise N Shine location to help with the long wait times.