OSWEGO, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Oswego city official will continue to monitor Wright’s Landing Marina as boating and fishing season gets underway, but another thing they are taking a close look at and keeping an eye on is long-term damage.

The rising water has been happening over the last few years and it’s causing the sidewalk to sag along the pier and also causing sinkholes.

The Oswego Emergency Management Director, Randy Griffin, tells us the pier is deteriorating from underneath.

“You see white caps over my shoulder in the harbor, which shouldn’t happen and that’s a significant issue for us both at the port and here in the city,” Griffin said. “Something you wouldn’t think would have enough wave action that would fill a 36-inch pipe, outflow pipe. These are some of the challenges we face in Oswego with our infrastructure, their peers, with their parks, with that marina.”

Light posts remain underwater, forcing the city to shut down power at the marina.

Some safety precautions have been put into place to keep these boats from going any farther into the parking lot than they already have.

A lakeshore flood warning has been issued. That warning lasts until 8 a.m. Wednesday for all the counties along the shoreline because the water levels are above where they were in 2017.

Wright’s Landing Marina will remain closed, but businesses in the area are still open.

Right now, Harborfest and Paddlefest are still on, but officials are taking those events week-by-week.

The International Joint Commission issued a statement on Monday. In part, their statement reads:

Lake Ontario has reached 75.90 m (249.02 ft), exceeding the record peak of 75.88 m (248.95 ft) set in 2017, and will continue rising gradually over the next several days, but is expected to reach this year’s peak within one to three weeks. 

The amount of additional rise will be driven mainly by how much precipitation falls across the basin, with an additional 2 to 8 cm (0.8 to 3.1 inches) forecast under the most likely scenarios. 

Periods of localized, higher levels are possible during storms and wind events, a number of which have been observed recently.

To better understand impacts, members from the Board and Commissioners from the International Joint Commission have been touring, and will continue to tour the affected areas while conducting listening sessions with elected officials.

You can read the entire statement here.


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