ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — An East Rochester 12-year-old has broken a Guinness World Record. Sean Lewis wrapped up 36 hours of swinging on a swing set, breaking the old record by three hours. Every four hours he was allowed a twenty minute break.

His family says that this has been a favorite habit of Sean. He’s known for playing on his swing set and wanted to give it a try for the world record. 

“When I put the rope swings up years ago, he just fell in love with them, and he just, I think one day he was just thinking maybe, there might be a record associated with it and he looked it up and thought he could do it. So it’s just a love of swinging,” Sean’s father Matt Lewis said. 

His family says the toughest part was swinging through the night as the hours went on but he prevailed.