Rosamond Gifford Zoo shows ‘I Love New York’ with baby names

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SYRACUSE, NY (WSYR-TV) — When animals are born at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo, you’ll often hear about naming contests for the community to participate in, like the one they did for Ajay the new Asian elephant. 

There have already been 10 newborns welcomed to the zoo this spring. To celebrate the animals and the community, they’ve chosen a new naming theme. 

Meet Hamilton (above). 

Zoo Director Ted Fox said, “He’s a San Clemente Island goat born here at the zoo.”

Mumford, a black Welsh mountain lamb was born at the zoo last month. Another named Aurora was born just a few days ago. 

“We have Ithaca and Elmira and Verona and Troy,” Fox said.

You’d think the zoo was talking about taking a trip across upstate, but it’s the baby naming theme the care staff chose: “I Love New York.”

Fox said, “We just go through the list and see what’s appropriate for the personality of whatever animal we’re talking about.”

Hamilton was the smallest of his trio and needed extra care when he was born, but now, just like one of the friendliest villages in America, 40 miles from Syracuse, he’s thriving and full of life. 

Fox said, “He’s like all baby goats honestly, they’re incredibly inquisitive, really playful, loves to meet people and very outgoing and very social. There’s a lot of great names, honestly, to pick from so we won’t run out of names to use and it ties it back to our community and why we’re proud to be here and show things like this off for folks.”

The next new arrival at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo just might be named after your hometown.


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