SALINA, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — A State Supreme Court judge granted a temporary restraining order for both the Town of Salina and Onondaga County to prevent Candlewood Suites from being used as a long-term residential facility for migrants from New York City.

Town of Salina Supervisor Nick Paro called the May 23 ruling a small victory. Paro said it was important for the town of Salina to file its own.

He said this filing isn’t based on the county’s emergency order but on the zoning laws in Salina. It would also be in effect regardless of what happens at the county level.

Paro said Candlewood Suites is zoned as commercial. It would have to be zoned as residential for long-term placement.

The 78 people who are displaced were living here on a long-term basis, which is longer than 30 days.

Paro said he only found out as a result of the migrant situation.

“It’s a shame that the hotel, I think they acted in a very predatory way towards the individuals they had staying at the hotel to begin with,” Paro said. “I was completely shocked about what was actually occurring at the hotel, how many people were living there, what type of conditions they were living in The length of time that they were living in this hotel for.“

Paro said the town doesn’t have the capacity even to help the 78 people being displaced let alone the 200 migrants expected.

The town is working with the county to help those without a place to live.