LYNCOURT, N.Y. (WSYR-TV)- The Supervisor of the Town of Salina held a news briefing on Wednesday, calling on state lawmakers to do something about the increase of crime in the town and other neighborhoods.

Supervisor, Nick Paro, says whether it’s a robbery, vandalism, or harassment, something is happening every day in Salina. He says lawmakers need to do something. “They need to amend the bail reform laws. They also need to look at supplementing the raise the age, so that way young people don’t continue to commit crimes.”

Joe Falcone owns Fish Cove in Lyncourt at the Shop City Plaza. He’s been at that plaza for about 60 years and hasn’t had much trouble until recently. “Our windows were smashed; our whole front window was smashed last year. Another attempt at that was about three months ago. In fact, I still kept the stone, but they hit the metal.”

NewsChannel 9’s Callihan Marshall discusses crime impact with the Salina Town Supervisor.

He says he sometimes has to patrol outside his store. “I can’t have people in front of my store, vagrants in front of my store that are soliciting my customers and having women tell me that in the last couple of months that I’m not going to come back in the store anymore because I don’t want to be bothered by these people.”

Falcone says he just wants things to go back to the way they were. “We want our neighborhood back. I want my aunt or my sister to be able to walk around these streets with their dogs and say I’m fairly safe here.”