(WSYR-TV) — Sandy Creek Central School District didn’t have school on Thursday, but not because of too much snow.

The district superintendent told NewsChannel 9 that several employees who received the COVID-19 vaccine on Wednesday weren’t able to come to work on Thursday. The district used an emergency day for the closing.

But, side effects are common after getting the COVID-19 vaccine. They are more common, though, after the second shot.

An EMT who spoke with NewsChannel 9 a few weeks ago said he felt it.

“One of the biggest things to note is you’ll feel a bit weird for a few day afterwards,” said Evan Bailey.

“I did start to get the feeling like you were going to get the flu — never had a fever,” said Dr. Laurie Kilbury Taylor from the United Memorial Medical Center. “Took some medicine and within an hour I was ready to go.”

The FDA said side effects after the second dose include some pain at the injection site, tiredness, headache, muscle pain, chills, joint pain, and even a fever.

Sandy Creek Superintendent Kyle Faulkner is unsure if the district will be able to have students on Friday.

While he is hopeful, he won’t know until early Friday morning.