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A Brewerton company continues to expand its reach across the US and Canada with solutions for customers looking to package a whole range of products.

It could be anything from pharmaceuticals to home goods, milk or ice cream, sandwich bags or beef jerky.

Schneider Packaging Equipment was started 47 years ago by Dick Schneider and now employs about 125 people and always looking for smart, dynamic people to join them.

“The people that we have, the abilities they have to create these machines and build them, they are very complex,”  Says Bob Brotzki, President, Schneider Packaging Equipment.

It usually takes Schneider’s team about six months from first getting the order to design, build and test their packaging machines.

Vice President of Engineering at Schneider Packaging Equipment, Mike Smith, says, “Part of the excitement is what is the customer’s need, what is the product, how are we going to pick it up, how fast can we actually pack the machines to make what they call rate so we can actually fill the up line machines that are feeding to us.”

Before signing off on any machine the customer comes in for a full range of testing at Schneider’s Brewerton plant. 

“They sign off on it and then we’ve spent basically 6-months putting it all together and in 3-days we’ll tear it all apart and ship it out to the customer and then our service team will go and install it and get it up and running at the customer’s facility,” Brotzki tells NewsChannel 9.

One of the many exclusive features of a Schneider machine is “Intelligent Illumination.”

The soothing blue hue on the machine means it’s running smoothly.

“With intelligent illumination it will actually light up exactly in the area that the system may have a problem so an operator can immediately see what they need to go fix,”  Smith says.

Saving thousand of hours and dollars of lost production he says.

Brotzki tells NewsChannel 9, “Actually we have a great reputation within the industry. We build quality robust equipment and it lasts forever.” 

“It’s a local company, servicing the local economy and the people we have here are experts at building highly technical machines,”  Smith adds.

Last year, Schneider Packaging Equipment nearly doubled its 2016 revenue and is on par for 18% growth this year.

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