(WSYR-TV) — According to NewsNation sources on Capitol Hill, Senators should soon reach an agreement to gain enough GOP support to pass legislation to aid military veterans exposed to toxic burn pits.

Last week, the bill was blocked after 25 Republican Senators changed their votes from yes to no.

Their reasoning for that?

NewsNation says it was because Republicans blamed Democrats for including a budget gimmick that could divert billions away from the veteran issues.

Veteran groups and Democrats say that is not true. They say the bill is virtually the same from just a few weeks ago when Republicans overwhelmingly supported it.

NewsNation spoke with Senators and they say the differences between the two parties should be ironed out this week.

Veterans who have been taking shifts camping outside the U.S. Capitol say they don’t care about the process, they just hope the bill gets passed and won’t leave the steps until it does.

If the PACT Act passes, three million veterans would gain additional health care coverage who were exposed to extreme chemical burn pits when they served overseas.

Many veterans who were exposed to toxic burn pits develop cancer later in life and many advocacy groups have been fighting to get those veterans extended health benefits for years.

Neurological disorders, pulmonary diseases, rare forms of cancer, and many unexplained symptoms are some of the devastating health conditions veterans can suffer from after being exposed to the chemicals in the burn pits.

And some of them are so serious that they lead to death.