“She tells me ‘I had to [get out], I knew they were going to kill me'”

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Nearly a year after discovering one of the worst cases of abuse the Oswego County Sheriff’s Office has ever seen, the grandmother of the little girl who received the brunt of the abuse is speaking out.

The grandmother is also the mother of one of the adults charged in this case.

The young girl was force-fed hot sauce, beaten, bruised, as well as chased by a car while running with weights strapped to her chest.

“One of the other children wrapped a chain round her neck. Pulled her out to beat her up in the yard and then I see a set of hand prints where somebody tried choking her…I found out they were my own daughter’s,” said Tina English, the grandmother.

It has been nearly a year since English’s granddaughter ran to a neighbor’s house, begging for help.

“She tells me ‘I had to, Grandma, because I knew they were going to kill me.’ That’s why she ran that particular night,” said English.

Tina says she hadn’t seen her grandchildren or spoken with her daughter for 10 months before finding out what happened inside the Albion home.

Since then, it’s been nothing short of difficult, both financially and emotionally.

“I know they’re better here, but sometimes, it doesn’t feel like they’re any further ahead,” said English.

And the relationship between Tina and her daughter is strained at best.

“She knows I’m disappointed, that hurts her. But it’s like I keep telling her, this isn’t a mistake you did; this was horrendous,” said English.

Tina says each day is a new challenge as the kids tackle life, school, friends outside of that house of horrors. 

Even though he didn’t admit to the charges, Gary Bubis, Jr. pleaded guilty.

Shawn Whaley and Brandy Shaver also pleaded guilty.

Tina says her daughter deserved the six month sentence she received.

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