UPDATE: According to Onondaga County Executive Communications Director Justin Sayles, the Office of the Onondaga County Executive had conversations with Sheriff Shelley and updated the current Executive Order to “ensure that the Sheriff and his department have the powers, as well as the protection, to help us address the anticipated migrant influx.” The updated Executive Order is attached below.

SALINA, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Asylum seekers who are living in New York City are expected to come here, to the Candlewood Suites in the Town of Salina.

“What we’re not prepared for is another entity, another government to just drop of migrants in our community,” said Onondaga County Executive Ryan McMahon.

On May 18, McMahon issued an executive order in an effort to stop undocumented migrants from coming here. Onondaga County Sheriff Toby Shelley taking issue with what was written in that executive order.

“Once I read a copy of it and I realized it suggested profiling and there’s potential for violating rights,” Shelley explained. “That’s when I said no we don’t do that. It’s not that I’m supporting the county executive. I wasn’t supporting the wording of the executive order.”

McMahon said the county could impose fines or appearance tickets for anyone violating his executive order. The Sheriff said he still has questions.

“Can we evict people out of a hotel? Can we tell a hotel owner what they can and can’t do? I have no idea. And as far as the fines the Sheriff’s office won’t be involved in any of that.” Shelley said.

Shelley said he wishes he had more information about who is actually coming to the county and if they have been vetted. He and his deputies will do their job to ensure the safety of everyone in the county.

“It’s business as usual for us. We’re not going to violate anyone’s constitutional rights. If there’s a crime committed by anyone, someone living or coming here, we’ll investigate it. If an arrest is warranted, that’s what we’ll do,” Shelley said.