Sisters of missing Canastota woman searching for answers

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CANASTOTA, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The search continues for a 19-year-old Canastota woman who has been missing for more than three days now.

Elizabeth “Lizzie” Garrow was last seen on Wednesday around 11:45 a.m. at the Dunkin’ Donuts on N. Peterboro Street in Canastota. State and local agencies spent all day Friday searching for Lizzie in the town of Sullivan and now, they’re wrapping up another day of searching.

In the meantime, their sisters are doing everything they can to piece together what happened to their best friend. Melissa Bush and Emily Lloyd are starting to get really worried about Lizzie’s whereabouts.

“Honestly it’s breaking my heart, I can’t. I can’t live without her,” said Melissa Bush, Lizzie’s older sister.

Melissa just had a baby days ago, the same day her sister disappeared. She was texting Lizzie all morning, who was planning to see the newborn.

“I was sending her pictures and she was all excited about seeing her. I don’t understand how it just went from that, within 39 minutes, to her just vanishing,” Bush said.

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office says Lizzie was last seen on Wednesday with her husband, 24-year-old George McDonald. McDonald is now in jail but on unrelated charges, he was arrested for violating probation.

McDonald and Lizzie are expecting a baby, her sisters say she’s 6 weeks pregnant. Plus she has a one-year-old girl, Annovia, who her sisters say is her whole world. They said Lizzie was also supposed to pick her daughter up the day she went missing, and by not doing so, they say, it isn’t like her.

“We’re trying to spread it as much as we can,” said Emily Lloyd, Lizzie’s older sister.

They’re taking to social media in search of Lizzie, creating this Facebook page that now has thousands of followers. A type of support they never expected, but they say they need all the help they can get.

“If she sees this, hopefully, she’s safe and she can find a way to get back,” Lloyd said.

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