Skyline Apartment tenants meet to discuss next steps

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SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV)– The first Skyline meeting for tenants since 93-year-old Connie Tuori was found brutally murdered in her Skyline apartment two weeks ago took place Saturday. 

Tenants gathered to hear from Skyline Tenant Association board members about the new changes that the city is implementing while they wait for Green National LLC to address the numerous code violations they face.

Linda Cramer, a 14-year resident at Skyline, said she used to know Touri before she died.

“Oh it’s totally unsafe, I don’t go out after five, I try to do all of my errands in one,” she said. “Connie was different, Connie would walk around more than just about anybody.” 

The City Code Enforcement is now telling renters they do not have to move out of the complex, even though the common areas have been deemed unfit to live, the individual units have not.

“I love my apartment, most of us love our apartments, it’s when we walk out the door things change,” Cramer said. 

For those that choose to stay they are still required to pay rent. However, DSS and Section 8 are withholding their rent payments until the violations are fixed. 

The meeting also outlined 10 steps Green National LLC must immediately take. These include hiring full-time security, installing security equipment, plus reviewing tenants’ criminal activity to determine if eviction proceedings are necessary. 

Dozens of residents at the meeting said they are hoping for change after years of empty promises. 

“It makes me angry because if I just cry and pray nothing gets done, but if I get angry at least I’m out with other people who are angry and doing something positive,” Cramer said. 

Cramer is hoping to keep the memory of Touri alive while advocating for a safer building for everyone. 

The Skyline Tenant Association says a new security company will start this week. 

Green National has a hearing on May 10 to determine if they’ve followed the new rules or need further action. 

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