SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — After nearly a week without hot water, Larry Fuller was happy to turn on his faucet this weekend.

“Oh that felt so good,” Fuller recalled. “It felt so good, I thought, oh finally.”

That feeling was short-lived.

“Then this morning when I was getting ready for an appointment, the water in the shower was lukewarm. When I went to wash my face in the sink in the bathroom it was ice cold,” Fuller said.

There were contractor vehicles in the parking lot Monday, but it’s unclear when the hot water will be fully restored. While Skyline has been in the spotlight for a number of issues, they are not the only apartment dealing with a lack of hot water, some places don’t have heat.

Sharon Sherman, the Executive Director of the Greater Syracuse Tenants Network, said a tenant should alert their landlord first. If the landlord isn’t taking responsibility then reach out to code enforcement.

“The first thing codes does is they’re going to call the landlord and say hey we got a complaint what are you doing about it? They’ll give them 24 hours,” Sherman explained.

For Fuller, it’s been longer than that, again.

“At one time this was a prime spot to live, if we could get back to at least a quarter of that, I’d be grateful.”

NewsChannel 9 reached back out to the Mayor’s office about the hot water being out again at Skyline Apartments. In a statement, Chief Police Officer Greg Loh wrote:

“The City is in regular direct communication with Green National and its contractor to ensure all possible actions are being taken regarding hot water heating system. Stop rent continues to be in place until the hot water is fully functional. SPD responded to an incident today. Both elevators are now functioning.

The City continues to deploy every means available to hold Green National accountable to its responsibilities and is exploring other options to protect the health and safety of Skyline residents.”