Snow enthusiasts and ski resorts patiently wait for more snow to fall

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TULLY, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Some of us have enjoyed waking up and seeing little to zero snow on the ground. However, snow enthusiasts and business owners who depend on it are waiting for those temperatures to drop and and snowflakes to start falling.

Peter Harris, owner and operator of Song and Labrador Mountains, has been in the ski business for 36 years. Some may consider him an expert knowing how to handle the quirks of Central New York weather, especially our unpredictable winters.

On Tuesday, NewsChannel 9 took a trip to Song Mountain and it was nothing but blue skies and temperatures in the 40s.

“It’s a beautiful day, but it’s not my kind of beautiful.”

peter harris, owner, song & Labrador mountains

Last week, Harris and his team were able to make some snow, but it’s not enough to welcome skiers and snowboarders on the mountain yet.

“The snow making crew and the equipment is all ready to go,” Harris said. “All we need is a little colder weather!”

There’s a need for colder temperatures and a lot more snow. The goal is for Song and Labrador to be open by Christmas, their busiest time of year.

We always shoot for Friday after Thanksgiving. We make that about half the time. More normal is first or second week in December, so we’re right about there. Maybe we miss it by a week or two, but we’d love to have something going by Christmas.

Peter Harris, Owner, Song & Labrador Mountains

That goal to open ASAP is especially timely with COVID-19 and the desire for more people to get outside. Harris said last year he saw an increase in the amount of Central New Yorkers getting back on the slopes.

“If you’re going to live in Syracuse and enjoy the winter, there’s nothing better than skiing or snowboarding,” Harris said. “I say even last year with COVID, outdoors is in and indoors is out.”

For now Harris and every other snow enthusiast will continue to wait patiently for the snow to come down.

In the meantime, Song Mountain’s restaurant, “Heuga’s Alpine Restaurant and Bar”, is open every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. Once the whole mountain is up and running, the restaurant will be open seven days a week.

For more information on Song and Labrador Mountains, click here.

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