SOLVAY, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Kids got to experience what a comic-con is all about at The Solvay Public Library, which put on their own event Monday night.

The Comic-Con event for kids was free and children were given five tickets which they could “purchase” items with.

The idea was to give them a sense of what going to a comic convention is all about and getting them into a library at the same time.

Librarian and organizer Brian Rowlands said the hope for the Comic-Con for kids was to allow kids the chance to have fun but also pick up some books to read for the summer.

“Once we get in here, get them going, hopefully we can get them to pick up some books, get some reading going during the summer. We give incentives all summer long with reading programs to get them to read, so just community and continue education and keep kids reading.”

Kids were also encouraged to cosplay in their favorite costumes.

There was even a Mario Kart tournament as well.