SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The city of Syracuse is done with Green National’s neglect of its properties and its tenants. Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh is now asking the State Supreme Court to help put an end to the company’s property management.

During Monday’s press conference, the mayor announced the city submitted a petition on Friday, requesting a receiver take over Green National’s four properties. Those properties include Skyline Apartments, The Vincent, The James and Chestnut Crossing.

“Our request to the court is that these properties go into receivership and stay there until we have new owners of these properties that have confident and capable management,” said Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh.

Before Monday’s press conference, the mayor and city officials met with tenants from the properties inside Skyline Apartments to discuss the action being taken. Some of those tenants say they feel confident.

“I just hope that we can accomplish getting a receivership so that we are protected,” said Larry Fuller, tenant at Skyline Apartments.

Protected from what some people say is a living nightmare, like Eric Coleman who lives at Chestnut Crossing with his wife.

“Somebody actually used the bathroom in the middle of the hallway and I almost stepped in it,” said Coleman.

Coleman says he moved to Chestnut Crossing in 2019 and it’s only gotten worse. He says he is afraid for his and his wife’s safety. The couple is now working to save money to hopefully be able to move out in the spring.

Another tenant at Chestnut Crossing has lived there for 10 years and says once Green National took over, it went downhill. She says she had no water or heat for 60 hours on Christmas and had to melt snow to flush her toilet.

On top of those horrific conditions, neighbors say they don’t even feel safe in their own apartment.

“I woke up to somebody kicking and pounding on my door screaming I am dying, I am dying,” said Fuller.

Fuller said he has had to make several calls to the police.

In addition to the petition submitted for a receiver, the city is also asking the judge for this receiver to intercept rents for repair and maintenance, and make Green National pay $1 million to ensure costs are covered.

“We have not gotten where we need to get to yet and again that’s that everyone who lives in these properties feels that they have a safe, quality, affordable place to live. We believe strongly that that will not happen in the long term until Green National is no longer the owner of these properties,” said Mayor Walsh.

NewsChannel 9 has reached out to Green National several times, but has not heard back.